Level helps you commit to your goal every day



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Ben Tossell@bentossell · newCo
Released on the App Store yesterday...I'm still yet to get into personal goal setting like this... may take this for a spin :)
muneebMaker@muneeb_bokhari · Founder, Digiplastic Industries
@bentossell try Level with the Apple Watch :) We found that having a simple reminder of our goal on the wrist did wonders!
eamonncarey@eamonncarey · Early stage investor.
Interesting idea. I really wanted Lift to work when it launched, but I think there were just too many steps for people to take. I've tried a whole bunch of these tools previously - from Epic Win to IDoneThis (which came the closest to working, as it prompted me to do something rather than me having to create a habit of opening an app). None of them stuck. I'll be curious to see if this can!
muneebMaker@muneeb_bokhari · Founder, Digiplastic Industries
@eamonncarey I hope Level does the trick! We built it around the idea that you shouldn't have to open the app to make it useful. You can respond to reminders using notification actions and the app's badge lets you know how long your current streak has been going on for.
eamonncarey@eamonncarey · Early stage investor.
@muneeb_bokhari very cool! Looking forward to messaging around with it over the coming days.
muneebMaker@muneeb_bokhari · Founder, Digiplastic Industries
Level is a quiet little app that was built to as a way to focus on those long-term goals that we all have for creating new habits. We built the app around three basic ideas: 1) building habits and achieving goals is deeply personal; 2) simple reminders help; and 3) consistency is the only way to build a habit. With all that in mind, Level is really about giving you as much control as possible right from your home screen. Commit to your daily goal and track your goal using notifications and even track how many days in a row you have met your goal by looking at the app badge. Thanks for giving Level a try; we'd love to hear back from you all on what you think of it!
Mohammad Gaber@mcgaber · Shortwave
Been looking for something this simple.
muneebMaker@muneeb_bokhari · Founder, Digiplastic Industries
...And then, Apple Copied You. (https://medium.com/@muneeb_bokha...)