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Add the assets you own, and we'll tell you what they're worth right now in your own currency. We support all types of assets: almost every stock exchange in the world, currencies, cryptocurrencies, commodities, ETFs and more.
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Hi buddies 👻 Sam here, and I’m excited to introduce you to Lettuce 🥗, the simplest way to keep track of your investments. We were tired of having a bunch of spreadsheets to keep track of what we owned and how much it's worth, so we decided to build an app to make our lives easier. We hope it makes your lives easier, too. You can add almost any kind of asset to Lettuce, and see its value in your own currency (or even in Bitcoin, if that's your jam). You can also tag your accounts, so that you can keep track of whatever "asset allocation" makes sense to you (maybe you want to track local vs. offshore investments, or liquid vs. illiquid, or commodities vs. equities, or however else you like to slice and dice your money). We know that everyone's investments are personal, so we've worked hard to build something that's simple, flexible, adaptable, as well as being 100% private and secure. We've got big plans for this baby and we'd love to hear what you think of it.
@greenhamsam So rather than having to give the app API access, I can just tell it what specific assets to track?
@ryanstweeting That's correct! We do want to offer API linking later for users who want it, but we will always retain the ability to input portfolios manually. We care a lot about our users' privacy and are trying to take the general approach of knowing as little about our users as it is possible to know.
Ok Thanks! good luck guys.
Can you track alternative assets in platforms like RallyRd, Masterworks etc?
@cohengiladh Hi Gilad! Yes, you can manually add assets in any currency to Lettuce, but we can't yet automatically track the prices of fine art and cars in the same way we can for crypto, shares, etc. ;) We are looking at specific integrations with some platforms that would enable automatic price tracking tho.
@cohengiladh ... oh, and we're also making it possible to price anything in anything else. So you could, perhaps, see what your Netflix shares are worth in fine automobiles.