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Alex Nucci@alexnucci · Cofounder and CEO @ Gramercy
@karlludwigweise great product, I could use this. One suggestion, adding a link to the newsletter's site or at least a pop up that shows a sample email would be great. I don't know some of the newsletters that you show on there and I'd have to copy/paste/search to see if they're worth subscribing to. Screenshot of what I mean: http://j.mp/1ocyjDI Also, three newsletters that I see being a good fit here would be Hackernewsletter, Mattermark Daily and Founders Weekly. Best of luck.
Karl Ludwig WeiseMaker@karlludwigweise · Webdesigner
@AlexNucci Hi Alex, thanks for your input. Think I will include the links today and check out the newsletters later.
Karl Ludwig WeiseMaker@karlludwigweise · Webdesigner
Hey guys, this is the maker. I'm still looking for some great newsletters to add. Do you have any in mind? Would love to hear...
Neal Shyam@nealrs · Full Stack Weirdo
@karlludwigweise Karl - how does this affect opens/reads/attribution for the publisher? Also, without some visuals / more explanation of what goes on behind the scenes, i'm very hesitant to enroll or submit my newsletter.
Kenny Chen@kennycheny · Director, UX Design @Bankrate
Karl Ludwig WeiseMaker@karlludwigweise · Webdesigner
@nealrs @karlludwigweise Hey Neal, it's pretty straight forward. I read mails from my inbox, process the links, so nobody can unsubscribe everyone else, and forward them. In the forwarded email is a little banner at the top to the recipients to manage their account. Link opening rates are still active, it's just one user being more active than the others. If this kicks off well, I'm going to include a page for newsletter owners where I show # of subscribers via lettr.cc and let you make some changes. Does this make you less hesitant about enrolling or submitting your newsletter?
Karl Ludwig WeiseMaker@karlludwigweise · Webdesigner
@kennycheny @karlludwigweise Hey Kenny, just subscribed to your newsletter. Give me a few days and a friday mail to get you set up...
Neal Shyam@nealrs · Full Stack Weirdo
@karlludwigweise Thanks for the clarifications. Getting more readers for my newsletter, [http://gitat.me & http://dasbrun.ch] is obviously a plus - but lettr reduces the amount of open/click data I get because it's all tied up under one address. That means less info for A/B testing. Less info on who my actual readers are. And less personal connection. As you mentioned, a page with lettr subscriber stats would mitigate that a lot -- and I think you could build a calculator/API integration (with say, MailChimp or Campaign Monitor) to provide a full 1-stop campaign report for publishers.
Karl Ludwig WeiseMaker@karlludwigweise · Webdesigner
@nealrs @kennycheny @alexdalenberg @SacBookReviewer @dshan @AlexNucci @_jacksmith Hey everybody, in case you are interested in the story of my launch day and what comes next, I just released the story: http://lettr.cc/Story Best –Ludwig
Jack Smith@_jacksmith · Serial Entrepreneur & Startup Adviser
good job @karlludwigweise this looks like an awesome idea. This first implementation seems very hacky. But if you were able to make it that you could sign up to ANY newsletter via this, that'd be awesome. e.g. if your service gave me a lettr email address; which I'd just use when I'm signing up to the various newsletters, vs using my own email address.
Karl Ludwig WeiseMaker@karlludwigweise · Webdesigner
Hey @_jacksmith, I've been thinking about that actually. I've come to the conclusion that I must add the top bar in each letter for the user to be able to pause all newsletters at once. Many personal E-Mail Addresses are harder to handle but now that it kicks off so well I'll think about putting some extra time down ;) Thanks for your input!