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Love the app and that it launched on both iOs and Android, but I found the selection of newsletters to be quite limited, would love if you could do some sort of adding custom feeds, or maybe a signup email to random newsletters(like creating a username@letterun which you can then send all newsletters to).
@mgrisoli Hey, glad you like it. I appreciate the feedback. I'm working on the publisher list at the same time curating them so I hopefully only get good content. There should be a bunch more coming this week, just had to get it out there. I actually have part of that custom feed built along with a few features for users coming soon. That custom email thing is a cool idea. I just have to coordinate with publishers and make sure they want to be included.
@keith_michelson @mgrisoli I was looking for an app to collect all of my newsletter for a long time, it would be great to have a feature to add custom newsletter. Unfortunately, none of the ones I read are in the app right now.
@y_molodtsov @mgrisoli Thanks for the comment and suggestion. I'm working on that feature currently. Let me know what ones you read if you can and I'll reach out to them asap. Info@letterun.com
@keith_michelson @mgrisoli @letterun I tried to write on your support email, but got delivery failure notification from Gmail.
@y_molodtsov @mgrisoli @letterun Sorry about that, info@letterun.com is working if you can send it again. Thanks for letting me know. Lots of traffic the last few days caused an issue.
Huge thanks to @bramk for hunting us! Hey Product Hunters, I’m very excited to share with you a new app I built called Letterun. Letterun allows you to get your favorite newsletters and stories without email or subscriptions. There are a lot of great newsletters out there and it would be a shame for you to miss out on them because of spam filtering or just too much clutter in your inbox. Using Letterun is very simple, you just follow a publisher’s channel and their content will show up in your feed. You can search for topics, save for later, or hide what you don’t want to see. Get only the content you really want while cleaning up your inbox at the same time. You’ll still get a more intimate reading experience without the usual social networking distractions. If you don't see your favorite newsletter in the app let me know and I'll reach out to them. Info@letterun.com Please fire away If you have any questions or suggestions. Thank You!
@keith_michelson @letterun Nice work! Note you have a typo on your site hero. "let's" == "let us". I believe you mean "lets".
@stan Thank you! ☺️Woops
The original support email I listed on here went down. I apologize if anyone sent anything as I didn't recieve it. If anyone has publisher suggestions or anything else please use info@letterun.com instead. Thanks.
this looks like a great idea - is it easy to add newsletters that are not in your system?
@passingnotes Thanks David, glad you like it. Yes it's very easy, inside your dashboard you just paste a link to the mobile friendly version of your newsletter. Most mail clients/newsletters have that. ("view in browser", "trouble viewing", etc.) Or if you don't have a mail client you can just create one with our simple template form. https://letterun.com/learn-more
@keith_michelson @passingnotes I just signed up for this as a user and I don't see any option to add newsletters that I'm subscribed to by email but aren't on your publisher list. I've got the link to the View In Browser version but pasting it on either Home or Following gets me nowhere.
@creatrixtiara Hey, thanks for signing up. The publishers have a separate account and have to be posting through their dashboard for you to see them and their content. What newsletter is it? I can reach out to them and see if they want to start publishing. Info@letterun.com I have some good publishers on their now but definitely will be looking for more.
👏for the launch on both ios and android !
@raphchabaud Thanks, glad you find it helpful. Quite a bit of development time to get both, and more to come i'm sure.