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Thank you for sharing, everyone. For now I'm gathering as much input as I can. I'm happy to answer any questions you may have.
@programmerbird nice app! So, you're basically selling themes to pay for the app?
@programmerbird I really dig the design at this stage. Congrats.
@programmerbird Love this just from looking at the website! Time to test it out :)
@chrismessina That's the plan. I think my app might be useful for many people and by making it this way, I could share it with a wider audience.
Whoa. My first ever posted hunted app turns out to be an instant fave here at Product Hunt! Nice! I'm always on the lookout for new note taking apps and though I'm a big fan of Simplenote the very goodlookin', very smooth and well executed Letterspace won me over in just a few of minutes. Thanks for creating it Sittipon!
@t55 This is kind of a surprise to me too. I never have so many people response in just a single day like this before. Thank you so much!
@t55 would love to see a collection of other note taking apps that you enjoy - thanks for hunting this one - and thanks for building it @programmerbird
@programmerbird You're welcome. Glad I could post it on Product Hunt. Keep the good stuff coming! Love what you did so far. Hope you keep it simple :)
@kaz Thanks for asking. Not entirely sure what other note takers can found on Product Hunt, but it sure will be fun to make a collection of the apps that are featured here.
@kaz @t55 Drafts 4 is a great iOS note taking app with the ability to program actions that I'd absolutely throw in any note-taking collection http://www.producthunt.com/posts...
I've tried virtually every single note-taking app, and I'm really excited to try this one. The nice features (todo list and Markdown) embedded into the simple text editor look great, and the UI's not bad either. The best part, though, is the on-the-fly tagging—awesome compared to the separate tagging field that Simplenote and Vesper have.
I've been looking for a simple note taking app that is basically "Simple Note" with markdown support. You've nailed it @programmerbird.
Even though my logic tells me that there's nothing more simple than the native iOS Notes app, I find myself downloading every type of app like this I can get my hands on. Looking forward to trying it out!