Letterboxd for iPhone

Social film discovery + movie tracker/diary/watchlist app.

Letterboxd for iPhone brings the popular social network for movie lovers to iOS. Log, rate + review films; browse/search; follow your friends’ actvity; make + share lists; and much more. Join our community of 1.2m film fans and find something new to watch.

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1 Review5.0/5
Thanks for finally making a mobile app. Now to get on Android, but no rush.
@mlsj1 Well, rush a little.
Finally! This has been my favourite way to track movies for a long time and I hated logging in to the mobile site.
What's the difference with the Reelgood app?
@vkt0r The community on Letterboxd.com that's been around since '09.
@bradenhamm @vkt0r Since 2011 but who’s quibbling. :)
@mrb @vkt0r I didn't think it had been that long, but I couldn't find the date so I just went off of the letterboxd twitter haha.
@bradenhamm @vkt0r Aha! We registered domains and other sundries well before launch.
Hooray, looks great! Are you still planning to publish the API?
@mjmsmith Yes we are. We have some work to do to prepare terms of use and technical things like key generation and rate limits but it’s a key focus now the app is out.
@mrb Good news, thanks.
Have been a Pro member of the community for a few years and always have a browser tab open with it to look up, rate, review, and add films to lists. With the app it makes it so much easier for me to look things up all the time and the app is working great for me so far.