Letter from You 2.0

Handwritten letter, mailed for you.

Write a letter to your loved ones, clients, donors, or even yourself with our app. No machines. Handwritten by real people. Wax sealed. Integrate with all your favorite business apps.
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$20 per letter? That seems quite high. I would personally prefer to receive a letter with a $20 Amazon gift card than to have someone send me a letter that they paid $20 for :)
@nicksimard Good point. Most of our clients have been jewelry companies—where they sell expensive products. Companies that sell luxury products tend to personalize their communication and I think we fit their market. You are right, this is probably not good pricing for small businesses.
@anthonygawonlee makes sense! Or a realtor or something. If you’re making thousands of dollars off the sale of a house, you can pony up $20 to send a nice letter :)
We added a Zapier integration. Now you can send handwritten letters from popular platforms like Shopify, Salesforce, Pipedrive, and others.
Oh cool! This is like Thanks.io but to send personal letters instead of businesses, what a great idea! > Goes to site and clicks on pricing page Nope.
@codymclain totally understandable. But I prefer to pay my writers well. 😁
The idea is cool, but price is too high
@hexandcube I think that depends on the business. We prefer to charge more and pay our writers well for their time and work 🖋😁