Letter from You

Handwritten letter, mailed for you in the future.

Write a letter to your family, friends, clients, donors, or even yourself!

No emails. No machines. Handwritten by real people.

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Cool idea! Congrats with the launch! Perhaps, will be great if you'll show your customers on the landing page how this letter will look in real life.
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@shepovalovdenis Yes! Great idea. We are scheduling a photoshoot soon!
Valentine's day is coming up, it's a great opportunity to write a handwritten note to someone you care. I built this side project because I work in the nonprofit sector and we write handwritten thank you notes to our donors all the time. We are trying to help individuals, business, and nonprofits to cut time in time consuming activity. We are currently creating Zapier integrations too so you can automate the process with other apps.
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NICEE!!! Love handwritten letters means a lot more than emails or texts ❤️
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Simply love this concept. Great way to revive the personal touch of a handwritten note in the digital age...and to support USPS!
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@wildkat422 Thanks Kathryn!
Great idea! I love handwritten letters and letters in the future too! Combo!