Introducing the Letter Builder Notebook. Designed in collaboration with Ian Barnard & Stefan Kunz, this is the perfect notebook for practicing your technique and becoming a better lettering artist.
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Working in collaboration with Lettering Artist @ian_barnard, we have created the ultimate notebook for artists looking to improve their lettering and typography skills. Each Letter Grid gives you the basic form of every letter of the uppercase alphabet, speeding up your workflow and allowing you to draw the outlines of both Serif and Sans Serif letters quickly and with consistent size, width and thickness. This allows you to spend more time on the finesse of your letters, and improve your overall lettering skills. Our A5 notebook has 96 Letter Builder grid pages, and 96 blank pages for free-style practicing, with minimal show-through on our high-quality 104gsm paper.
Love this product. Can imagine a lot of brand agencies using this.