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@ichoosekuchiman is the creator behind this new social app. I'd want to update the main login screen but overall it looks good. Where else could you meet people to crochet with?
Thank you @dilthemd for the shout out and the feedback. Much appreciated!
Hi Guys, LetsHang looks like a neat product where the quality of the user experience will hang on (as with any network focused product) the level of user engagement it manages to attract. To this end, its imperative that you convert as many early visitors as possible... The current homepage (above the fold) doesn't communicate "what's in it for me" before introducing a beta signup CTA. Also, there's currently only 3x founder images on the About page, with no explanation of what LetsHang is, who's it for, why they should care, etc. It's only if a visitor clicks through to the app store that they'll find: "LetsHang is a spontaneous way to meet new and interesting people who are looking to do the same thing. Simply search what you are in the mood to do and find people near you who are looking to do that activity soon. Send someone a request to chat, make a new friend, and hangout. Its a new way to do what you love with friends you haven’t met yet." I'd get this on the about page asap and then look to distill this into an engaging value prop. message that sits above your homepage CTA. In terms of hero image - the city scape is unrelated to the benefit of the product - recon if you used more emotive imagery of your target audience (that highlights the benefit of LetsHang) playing basketball, sharing popcorn at a movie, etc - you'd also engage more early visitors. Hope this helps :) and all the best with today's hunt.
@simonmactaggart Agreed - their website needs love but I think the product has potential.
Thank you @simonmactaggart for the feedback! We agree that the website needs aesthetic and descriptive changes. We mainly focused on simplicity and being able to keep the user's attention while still conveying as much of the concept as we could while they scroll through the website. The city scape for both the website and the app login was initially chosen to embody our target audience, young professionals in a bustling city if you will, but we will definitely take your feedback into consideration when upgrading the website. I hope you have gotten a chance to test the app as well as we would love getting more feedback from you! Thank you in advance.
@ichoosekuchiman Hey Nick, no probs... and thanks for the feedback.
Hey guys, co-founder of LetsHang here, and we're extremely excited to present LetsHang to everyone! We made LetsHang to be the quickest way to make new friends that are looking to do all the same activties as you. Search what you are in the mood to do right now and you will find local people around you looking to do the same thing. This leads to quality friendships based on common interests. We like to say its a platform to do what you love with friends you haven't met yet! We are excited to respond to all the feedback and questions so keep them coming! Thanks and be sure to download the app and let us know what you think!