Accurate lab testing, from the comfort of home

LetsGetChecked offers a range of at home lab tests covering hormone and fertility, cancer screening, sexual health and general wellness. Take control of your health--order a test, collect your sample at home, and view results in your personalized dashboard.

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Hi guys, my name is Peter. I founded LetsGetChecked because I wanted to make diagnostics open and patient-led. With LetsGetChecked, you take control of your health from home with 24/7 access to your personal data. I’m excited to launch on Product Hunt today and answer any questions that you might have.
@peterfoley I'd love to learn more about the data protection inside your app. Are you HIPAA certified for example?
Thank you, @bogomep. Good question. Data protection is extremely important to us and we ensure that all of our customer's information is protected. We are HIPAA certified and we follow all of the guidelines and regulations set out by GDPR. We have a trained team that are responsible for managing data and we completely anonymize certain elements of data. For instance, the labs will receive an anonymized codes so they cannot connect a sample to a patient. This is a particularly sensitive space so we need to be best in class in how we operate.
It's really help out people for save time and get fit :) best of luck "Maker"
Thank you so much @jack007 for your feedback. We are living in a different world which means that consumers often don’t have the time to visit their doctor in the first instance. We offer a solution that is not only more convenient but also allows you to take your healthcare into your own hands, via self-collecting your sample and gaining access to your personalized data at all times. Please let me know if you have any more questions!
I believe strongly in taking charge of our own health--especially in the United States, where medical care can be overly efficient, often to the point of being impersonal and factory-like. Medical testing in your own home seems like next-wave care. LetsGetChecked seems like an ideal tool for tracking your own health and proactively caring for your body.
Thank you for this @kikischirr! We at LetsGetChecked always want to hear your feedback. I look forward to answering any queries that you guys might have today.
Great idea! Especially for people living in EU. In Ukraine it's cheaper and easier to go in laboratory or to see a doctor. But in EU it may be challenging and expensive. But how long takes a delivery?
Thank you @olia_puh, good question. You can order a test from home and we will have a test-kit dropped to your door within 24 hours. After collecting your own sample, using a finger prick test, we will get your sample back to our partner labs within 24 hours to be processed anonymously.
Yes @olia_puh - we serve the global market. Let me know if you have anymore questions.
Looking forward to testing this out. I'm a bit of personal medical startup geek, and love trying out things like this. I would be interested to know what other services and tests are on your roadmap... And why don't you package up different tests into bundles for different related user types or wellness concerns? I find that useful :)
Thank you for this @mattnavarra - looking forward to you trying the process out for yourself. There are lots of big things coming for LetsGetChecked, almost too much to mention in this thread - our roadmap is full over the course of next year, we will be rolling out a range of tests alongside additional methods to monitor your health. In terms of packaging test into bundles, this is something that we are actually currently working on. The goal is to continue to offer consumers convenience, cost-effectiveness, confidentiality and control when it comes to their healthcare.