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Easily collect detailed client design briefs online

LetsCommence lets you understand what logo design your client is going to love, before you even start designing. Collect your design brief in a super simple way all online, without emailing PDFs or Word docs back and forth. Clients love it!
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Over the last 5 years I have subcontracted any branding work needed from my clients. I found repeatedly that designers would either not use briefs, which resulted in poor communication of requirements from the client (through me). Or, where a brief was used, it was always an ugly PDF or Word doc that was terrible to fill out. Lets Commence solves this by providing designers an easy way for their clients and prospects to brief them on their logo design requirements. Right now Lets Commence only supports logo design projects, but in future I see this growing into various creative verticals. There are countless project management tools out there, but they ALL miss the most important part of any project – the initial brief. The brief sets the tone, vision, and requirements from the start. If poorly communicated, then a project can very quickly go south (I've seen this many times). I'd love people to sign up and let me know what they think :-) Next on the roadmap: - client feedback for concepts: voting on their favorite, sharing with colleagues, leaving comments) - automatic realistic mockups based on uploaded concepts: create in-situ mockup of logo on a billboard, for example - logo brief widget to insert into existing website - ...much more
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@joetannorella wow, brilliant work, i love it! I only wish you didn't stop me by having to sign up first. Let me try it out and see how it works, and make the sign up process the last step before i can save my work if i want to. Even better, leave it open with a custom generated (short) URL so i can share it with mah peeps and show them how cool it is. Cheers!
Thanks @dbosnjak! You can give the brief a test drive here: https://www.letscommence.com/u/j.... Here's an example of a completed brief: https://www.letscommence.com/que.... Currently building out some exciting new features. I'll reach out directly to share my roadmap - would love some help validating it with you! :-)
How are you collecting the nuanced, almost emotive, info about what a client wants from their design or brand? What ways could this be done better in an ideal world?
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@neilcocker Good question, thanks Neil! These briefs are for a certain type of designer. From my customer development so far, I know that bigger - more enterprise - agencies and designers wouldn't go near these briefs. They'd prefer to fly out to the customer (billable, of course!) and spend a day doing mind maps and other creative things in a boardroom. My current focus for Lets Commence is on the smaller agency and freelance designer. Perhaps one that does a lot of work overseas without meeting their client. They either have a brief currently that isn't giving desirable output (on Word or PDF, or their website contact page), or no brief at all. As I add more functionality, I want to move upwards into the higher value design eco-system by adding functionality that increases the quality and reduces time for each project. Your question is a particularly good one. When I started Lets Commence, I thought that the more detail and vision provided by the client, the better. However, I've been told by many users that in fact all they want is the business context of the design. Since *they* are the designer, they don't actually want the client to take them down any particular design route - because that's why they have a designer. It's for this reason that actually some users do not like that Lets Commence allows the client to select logos that they like the look of... because it's immediately taking them an uninformed (from a design perspective) direction that in fact may not be best for their new brand. It's a fine balance though between the questions you can ask in a survey like this, and questions and ways of asking that can really only be done over a call or in-person. I'm still learning to be honest, and trying to speak to as many customers as possible to see how the process can be tweaked and improved. In an ideal world, the designers that I've worked with in the past (lower end, $100-$300 per logo), would simply use a brief to begin with! :-)