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Automatically sync photos with your vacation group

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Hey Hunters! On a typical group vacation, one of the most common problems that we suffer from is the “PHOTOS”. Basically everyone is taking them, but most of them are not even shared with the rest of the group! We all promise to each other to send what we have right after the trip, however most of the time we either forget or are too lazy to pick and send them. So the result is a vacation with most of the photos missing :( With Lets Camera, all photos are automatically shared with your group once taken. All you need to do is use the app and collect your beautiful memories altogether. You can also switch your “wi-fi” mode on in the settings if you do not want to waste on your data plan. Once your phone is connected to the Internet, all photos will be synced. We are very excited to be on product hunt today! Ready to hear your thoughts, love, critics, basically anything. Cheers,
@cankagit How does this differ from other alternatives out there at the moment?
@bentossell Rather than the traditional album creation and sharing mentality, we are focusing on giving our users a chance to actually be synced on vacation. Album creation can be time consuming and a burden sometimes. Instead of creating an album at the end of the vacation and uploading all the photos, Lets Camera allows you to create a group to sync your memories as you go. Secondly, we are aware that Internet connection and battery are common problems in most of the vacation trips. Lets Camera cares about your battery and bandwidth usage. By default, photos are uploaded when you have a wi-fi connection at the ready. The phone automatically determines if it’s connected to a wi-fi connection and syncs accordingly. Hope I answered your question, please do not hesitate to ask me further :)
Hello, I have an alternative use case you may wish to consider.. Which is promoting your technology to security and policing organizations to be able to sync photos for immediate peer reviewing. Imagine a shared account amongst security or police forces to be reviewed by a support team ;) This would also be applicable to Emergency Response Organizations and the Armed Forces! I am unaware if you are currently offering this service for video syncing? Thanks, Jaswinder Brar
@jay_bee12345 I love your suggestion about it being used by law enforcement agencies. I have a feeling that we would have to adjust the app significantly to faciliate such usage, but it is an interesting idea. We could consider it if such a demand arises. Video syncing is on our to do list. Thanks for the feedback.
@jay_bee12345 I really liked the creativity in your idea, will certainly keep this in mind!
@cankagit @netarum It's nice to be inspired by quality products! :) Coincidentally yesterday my father was just saying how it's a hassle to get family members to share vacation photographs as we just got back from vacation! Best regards to your success!
@jay_bee12345 @netarum thanks so much, pls feel free to share your ideas with us in the future
@cankagit @netarum Well I do think travelling sports teams/entertainment groups of all varieties will find great usage out of your innovative tech. There may even be an great opportunity for a endorsement deal with the aforementioned parties.. Even on the college sports level.. Also tourism groups will definitely utilize this product greatly, consider promoting usage through tourism group organizations.. Just additional notes to consider.. :)
This is a cool app. from @cankagit, @uuratar and @netarum. It's like dropbox for vacation photos but only more practical. Excited to use it again on my next vacation.
Love it! Will use it on my next trip!
wow cant wait to try this! Seems like my family holidays are sorted now! Dropbox is such a pain and that seemed the only viable option to share our pics until i saw this! Hoping it fits my needs! good job guys!
@stefamini Awesome! I hope to hear more of your feedback.
@stefamini thank you stefanie! please try with your family and let us know how it went! we really care about opinions, cheers!
@cankagit @netarum heading home for some family time soon...will let you know!
@cankagit @netarum one question? Are you collecting my data by asking for my phone number when signing up? if not, why is that necessary? Can you atleast offer other options too like traditional email or facebook?
@stefamini @netarum the number is stored by digits by twitter, although we have your phone number we cannot know it belongs to stefanie, it is necessary to enable you to create a cloud based group for you to sync your images with your group