Let's Talk: The Anchor Podcast - Ryan Hoover talks Role Models

The ⚓community discuss people who helped shape their lives

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Hey Product Hunters! In this episode, Product Hunt's very own Ryan Hoover starts an Anchor conversation about Role Models. The community chimes in to share their thoughts on the people who helped shape their lives. Featuring waves by Anchor community members Luke Harris-Gallahue, Caitlin Schiller, pauliedigi, Laz Alberto, Kristin Myers, Adam Leidhecker, Austin Hunter, Stephan Ango, Dan Edwards, Hans Peter Godiksen, Steve Schlafman, Miss Fé, Jay Woodford, Michael Doran, Aaron L. M. Goodwin, SaveThyme, and Delia Socorro. To join this conversation on ⚓, visit https://anchor.fm/w/9939b2 To start your own conversation on ⚓, download Anchor: http://anch.co/downloadanchor
This is my favorite conversation on Anchor yet. Here's the short post I referred to in the message.