Let's Go Lunch

Social network for daily lunch at work

Let's Go Lunch is a social network for colleagues to organize daily lunch.

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I could see this working really well as a Slack integration
Hi hungry product hunters! If you are working in a big office, you probably face "whom to join for lunch?" question daily. So we've made a new social network: letsgolunch.com. It is pretty simple to use and doesn't require registration: 1. Choose restaurant you like. 2. Send invitation link to colleagues. 3. After a lunch you will follow your colleagues, they will follow you. You will see, who's going where and join them in one click. Please, try it out and comment how you like it! Thanks.
And here is a short video how it works: https://youtu.be/f4-bohKFwhg
@alexander_semerenko Looks great. Available in the USA?
@collaborateking yes, works in USA as well.
Thanks all for your awesome support and trying out so far! We are currently looking for investors, if interested, let me know.
It would be nice to have a feature where you can get lunch with strangers (other professionals) nearby as a group - like the app though
@kay0stheory there is a similar service for lunch networking. It's called http://letslunch.com but I am not sure if they are still active
@kay0stheory Thanks for suggestion! We try to focus on a different use-case: daily lunch with colleagues. Haven't seen any startup for that yet, we are the first ;-)