Let Me Product Hunt That For You

Browse sites. Stay busy. Let me Product Hunt that for you.

On a website, & want to know if it's been rated on Product Hunt?
Click on the extension & I'll get you all that Product Hunt goodness.
Want to achieve your Makers Goal?
Make goals, & cross 'em off. All your goals, and the people cheering you on - organized.
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Hey Product Hunt! We created "Let Me Product Hunt That For You" for the Product Hunt Makers Festival (API edition) and wanted to share it with you all. If you enjoyed, be sure to give us an upvote, leave us some feedback - and vote for us when voting opens πŸ™Œ Built with love for all the makers and hunters, by the team behind Get Kelvin
Very cool, @angela_jeffrey! We've talked about building some of these ideas in the Product Hunt Tab but never got around to it.
@rrhoover thanks! we're happy to help and contribute!
Great job!!😊 Will check it out
This is cool! I will be using it! Excited to see the evolution! Some points: - I closed the auth modal at first, i had to disable and enable the extension again to authenticate. There is no button for it/ - I saw some mismatches in products. This one is a good example: https://read.acloud.guru/ It shows a product that's not correct.
@luanmuniz thanks! There are some mismatches in the products because of the heuristic we are using. Product Hunt's V2 API wants you to search by "slug" (for example: let-me-product-hunt-that-for-you) - and so our extension takes the website domain (ex: the acloud from read.acloud.guru) and looks for the match. But often they're not an exact match. If there's no match, we try PH's search utility "Algolia" which is more of a text-based search - it often returns close matches that aren't actually right - which is why that result popped up. If that doesn't work, we take the title from the html metadata and try querying Algolia again. So it's a best effort but definitely not perfect. PH's V1 api used to allow you to search by site url, but the results didn't seem to be working better than the algolia and the makers fest rules said to use V2.. so that's where I left it. If anyone has other suggestions for implementation, I'm all ears and happy to make updates :)
@angela_jeffrey I imagined that was something like this. Where is the ProductHunt team to fix this?! :D I have a feature suggestion. I would love to click in a button to "Automatically Hunt a Product". Just a redirect with the URL field pre-filled is enough i think
Hey Product Hunt, Thanks so much for all the support today! We're glad you're enjoying the extension. We'd really appreciate an upvote on our Makers Fest submission page too! https://www.producthunt.com/make...