Lesssss Card

The safe layer between you and your smartphone (10€).

Lesssss is a card that reduces your exposure to the Radio Frequency emitted by your smartphone.
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Any testing with actual evidence?
@raj_patel95 Hi Raj, tks for your msg! Answering you: yes. Besides the metal fabric have been approved by the Shanghai Institute of Measurement and Testing Technology as "RFID Blocker" - because you can also place your credit card behind the Lesssss Card to avoid illegal scanners, I have been myself visiting a very curious german physicist, here in Berlin, who tested the material for me - anonymously - for free. On his words "...is better to have it than to do not have it. You are doing something good." He also showed me in numbers that the radiation reduction happens. Unfortunately, I can not release that in respect of him. He also told me that, for example, I could use aluminium paper. He tested at the same day and the results were inferior than the metal fabric - which is made for this specific purpose (https://www.lessssscard.com/the-...). That's why I chose to work with the metal fabric. But again Raj, is better to have something than nothing. Now go to the kitchen and try to find some, man! ;)
Cool. These should probably be already integrated into phone cases, but good to see someone making it.
@johngifford3 I totally agree, John! Actually, this could be already integrated into the own phone as well... anyway, the case would be the next step. Let'S see how far it goes ;)
I started doing for myself, then I realised everyone should have access to it.
Hey there! What do you think about the package? :) https://youtu.be/C-dTbhXENm8