Next-gen open source password manager

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genius. love the simplicity.
@tomflemming thank you :)
How does this compare with KeePass?
@kevinohlsson KeePass generate random passwords and save them in an encrypted vault. So you need a way to sync your vault beetween all your devices. LessPass recreate a unique password for every site base on unique information you know. So you don't need to sync your passwords. Learn more on https://blog.lesspass.com
Safari? and iOS?
@tomflemming we plan to make a native mobile app on IOS and Android. For Safari, you can use https://lesspass.com
@tugushev open https://lesspass.com with safari directly.
@guillaume20100 Yes, I have opened in Safari. But there are no extensions to my browser
@tugushev the web extension is for Chrome or Firefox. See my first answer : Safari : https://lesspass.com and IOS (we are making the mobile app)
I still think passwords shouldn't be handled in any browser context (apart from input, naturally).
Actually, this makes sense but I guess it requires an extra layer of security before generating the password in untrusted browsers. What do you think about adding two-step verification before generating the password? Would it make the system safer?
@sekodev untrusted browsers ? what do you mean ?
@guillaume20100 I mean new devices that the user is trying to regenerate his/her password so in case an attacker grabs user's credentials, he/she will still need to verify before regenerating the same password.
@sekodev In the case of public computers, I would assume that the machine is compromised. I certainly wouldn't do any banking on such a machine. If I need a password for a service, I will use my phone to create my password, and visually copy it on the compromised computer. But personaly I don't use services on public computer and never log in. And I recommend to do so. Hope it answers your question
@guillaume20100 Actually, @kixpanganiban made it more clear before I did. Thank you for your answer.