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Hey everyone! Thanks so much for checking out Lessons! I'd love to provide a little background on why my girlfriend and I made Lessons. My girlfriend Krista is a figure skating coach, and while she didn't require one of the excellent full-featured invoicing solutions out there, her alternative was scraps of paper and a few hours at the end of each month to her students invoices. It was a tedious process. Lessons was designed to fill this need: hourly freelancers who have relatively simple invoicing requirements. To facilitate our "fast and easy" values, we've made a bunch of assumptions to streamline the invoicing process. Once set up, adding a lesson takes a matter of seconds. The app then generates monthly PDF invoices for each client and provides live previews with 5 themes to choose from. The user can then send invoice via email from within the app. We would love for you to check it out! Feel free to drop a line here or on Twitter and I'll be more than happy to provide a promo code for a free download. Thanks again for your interest, we're thrilled with the reception so far :) All the best, Tom & Krista Here are five promo codes, first come first serve! (There's plenty more if these run out!) MA9YP6PKLEXL 4PYWY9JJLJX7 YKJNYXXYFRPA 6APYWFPFWRA3 FRTXAJ4ETKHY
@redman that's great! Can i get a promo code?
@rmnh Thanks Yuriy! Here you go: JNAX9MYPL46J :)
The thing I like most about Lessons is that it approaches invoicing with the 80/20 rule - freelancers/individuals can get 80% of the value out of 20% of the features in most invoicing apps. I think that fully-fledged invoicing tools like QuickBooks, FreshBooks etc are great but come over-built with features that most people might never need. Lessons sort of drops the feature-frenzy model and tries to provide as much value as possible with as few tools. The result is a much simpler, clearer app. Well done @redman on the launch!
can i get a promo code?
@tzhongg Sent to you on Twitter Tiffany, thanks so much!
Would like to give a try!
@ugurkaner Thanks for checking it out! I sent you a code on Twitter :)