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Sharing your skills in-person and making money, made easy

Learn a new skill by making something new, in-person, with a creator.

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Hey! Fellow Product Hunters! Last month, I launched Graam here and was super inspired by all the support I received from all of you. I’m excited to launch a new major feature (that a lot of you requested) - ability to create multiple lessons & accept payments through the platform. As infants, we didn’t have to attend a lecture or read a textbook to learn to speak, eat or walk. We mostly acquired these skills through imitation and actually jumping in and doing the task. And I think that it’s one of the most powerful ways to learn something new. Lessons incorporate this as the main guiding principle. A lesson is a session (usually in-person) or over Skype, where you teach someone how to make something or accomplish a goal in few hours. For example I can teach somebody how to build a simple app in 2 hours by building an app with them and showing them how I do it. Teaching someone by getting them to imitate me and jump in and do the work, hands on. Like I mentioned last time, I just graduated from college and I'm working on this project full time. I'm going to be working on this as long as I can possibly can and you can follow me on twitter/medium for monthly updates! https://medium.com/graam
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@vd_thatte this is awesome - keep it up!!!!
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Nice work my man!
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Love this feature. Great idea - well done on the execution.