Lessonly + Salesforce Integration

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Danny Lindsey@dlindsey25 · Business Development, ilos Videos
Slick integration with Salesforce! What are some of the major differences between Lessonly and other LMS's?
Max YoderMaker@maxyoder
@dlindsey25 Thanks for the question! Most LMSs are built for compliance learning, where Lessonly is built for productivity learning—the former is about checking a box, the latter is about helping teammates do better tactical work via practical documentation. This post on Speed versus Fidelity is highly relevant: http://www.lessonly.com/blog/spe...
Sean Higgins@higg1921 · Co-founder at ilos Videos
Is this integration available through sales cloud, service cloud, or both?
Max YoderMaker@maxyoder
@higg1921 Hey Sean, thanks for asking. The Lessonly integration is available in both Sales Cloud and Service Cloud. Productivity learning, which Lessonly is all about, drives big ROI for client-facing teams (i.e., sales and support). Most of these teams spend their days in Salesforce Sales Cloud, Salesforce Service Cloud, or Zendesk. We are planting flags in all of these places, so we can bring the work knowledge people need (“Crap, how do we do that again?”) to the apps where they spend all their time (“Ah, that’s right!”). Lessonly learning isn’t about taking you away from work—that’s the role of traditional training. Lessonly is about helping you solve problems in real time, in your moment of need. Being integrated with Salesforce is crucial to this mission.
Kelly Kuhn-Wallace@kkdub · 🎯Strategist for Hire
@maxyoder Like that the training is integrated with Salesforce. By the time SF is properly configured, a sales or service team member's views look NOTHING like the generic screens in most SF training tools. Lessenly sort of creates custom training for each user because it's within the environment they'll use every day.
Kelly Kuhn-Wallace@kkdub · 🎯Strategist for Hire
@maxyoder Do you have an option for trainees to save modules? Eg. If there is a report that a sales manager needs to run monthly that requires a manual input (yup, still happens), she might need a refresher in how to do that. It would be good to have training modules available with certain tasks or in an employee bank a la a more traditional LMS