Getting teams up-to-speed and keeping them there.

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I use these guys for on-boarding for new customers--love them. We should get @maxyoder to jump in here.
Looks awesome @MaxYoder. Why does it say you’re a training platform for non-trainers?
@mbetts7 Thanks for the question, Mike. I will quote Conner Burt, Lesson.ly’s director of sales, on this one: “Training for non-trainers means training is not your sole job. You don’t have time to spend hours preparing, updating, and sharing training content, but you know that hours of meetings, Powerpoints, and emails aren’t the answer. It means you also don’t have a background in creating complex training “modules” using formal Instructional Design principles and the ADDIE model. In fact, you probably don’t know what either of those things mean – and don’t need to. Lastly, it means you don’t want training to suck. Let’s face it, ‘corporate training’ is inherently boring. Whether it’s sitting in a classroom or going through an hour long ‘module,’ most experiences with traditional corporate training is tainted, and you don’t want that for your employees. So, Non-Trainers unite, because we’re building something different here. It’s for you. It’s Lesson.ly – the training platform for non-trainers.” More on that here: http://www.lesson.ly/blog/traini... Again, thanks for the q!
This is Max, CEO and co-founder at Lesson.ly. Thanks for the feature, Eric and PH!
Very cool, we're just getting into that stage with sales & customer onboarding - nice!
@mastef congrats on the growth! If you want to take advantage of our Product Hunters deal, check out this lesson for details: http://about.lesson.ly/3913-a-le...
Awesome to see this on PH. Huge fan of @maxyoder
@jmjerlecki Thanks, James!