One HTML5 game per week.

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I like how Thomas, the 25-year-old french engineer, is "building in public." From his blog post (http://blog.lessmilk.com/learn-m... "As a developer and a gamer I always wanted to make games, but I never actually did it. To change that I threw myself a public challenge: build a new game every week in html5. You can play the games for free on lessmilk.com. Expect the games to become better over time."
I'm the guy who is making one game per week on lessmilk.com. It's awesome to see my project on producthunt! Let me know if you have any questions about my little project. And if you have any feedback on how to improve the website, my games, or how to drive more trafic to my project, I'm definitely interested. Thanks!
Very cool idea, @LessMilk_ (aka, Thomas)! I'm sure it's challenging to come up with new game ideas every week. How do you do it?
@rrhoover Coming up with the general idea of a game is quite easy actually, because I've played way too many games in my life that I care to admin. But finding the actual mechanics, and making the game fun to play is a lot harder. My strategy so far has been to test a lot of different ideas while building the game until I have something that "feels right".
@LessMilk_ - You're fortunate to have that creativity. Many people struggle with that. Which of your games are you most proud of? What's your favorite game in general?