Increase revenue by reducing churn and getting feedback

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Churn is one of the most important problems SaaS businesses face. This tool can help you understand and reduce your churn right when people try to cancel their accounts. Much needed product since most people don't use these tactics or have manually built them.
@hnshah Thanks Hiten, you're the best.
@hnshah @allanbranch still killin the game allan congrats man.
Great idea! Nice landing page - conveys the value clearly!
@vjnotes Thanks it was tough to do, still needs some work though but I appreciate the compliment.
Cool product. Fills a big need for SaaS businesses so curious to try it out. Signed up, but was immediately asked to connect to my Stripe merchant account (huh?). If this was intentional, would be nice to see an onboarding doc/video. We still do a ton of manual invoicing so stripe/braintree aren't options.
@johnnycon for us to pause your customers accounts, extend trials, give discounts we hook into your payment processor (stripe or braintree).
@allanbranch sounds good. will give it another go when we move over to stripe. Thanks for the clarification.
@allanbranch so all of this happens automatically? Discount codes extending trials etc. Also, how much do you plan to charge?
@talantorriero we call each user option a "detour", they're all customizable/configurable and yes it's automatic we authenticate with your stripe or braintree account. We currently have no idea what to charge, obviously it has to be less than the amount a customer is we're saving you to make sense. We've talked about commission based pricing, tiered pricing, tiered + commission etc. We honestly just need to see working data, talk to the first 100 customers (we're at 35 customers) and make a decision. Thoughts?
@allanbranch Launching my startup soon and will definitely implement! Love the idea as this is a huge problem with Saas companies. I like the idea of no charge if user deletes account and a percentage if your software "saves" a customer from deleting their account.
Throw some social share buttons on there. :) Take the friction out of spreading the word.
@andymci good idea Andy.
Looks interesting - good luck! I did see Stripe and Braintree mentioned here in the thread; we use BlueSnap - so I understand this is not yet for us, correct?