Less Than One

Calculate the possibility of finding your soulmate

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Phenomenal short film. Made me get the feels.
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Should include the option to select your own sex. I feel it makes assumptions based on the "are you interested" criteria.
Apparently there are 101 people in San Francisco that are "perfect" for me. 😕
@rrhoover I only have about 50 more in Boston. =( lol
@rrhoover I got 4.38. That might be high—long ago, I made my own estimate of this and came up with only 30 in the entire USA. If it's only calculating in SF, though, that's a mistake! I met my wife online; at the time she lived in Houston. We were long-distance for years (kinda still are, until she finishes her PhD).
@rrhoover Also… it is probably assuming that all these factors are independent. They are not. For me, strong intellectual connection is highly correllated with “clicking”. But this lists them as two separate factors, which presumably it just multiplies, as if they were uncorrelated. Basically just trying to say, don't feel bleak :-)
@rrhoover That's actually very optimistic! I have 0.42 or something like that.
@rrhoover @jasoncrawford wait, how did you make your own estimate?!
only 3.34 soulmates - what!? .34 person, i'm searching for you!
@eriktorenberg I told you about my 3.5 soulmates, man...It's crazy. I just redid it and got 3.29 LOL
This is very clever. Well done!