Les Verbes

French verb conjugation made easy!

Improve your French verb conjugation with daily practice. Simple and gamified, Les Verbes provides short daily quizzes to test your knowledge and includes the 30 most common French verbs and the tenses necessary to converse fluently. App by Wave Digital.
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I am studying French and was finding conjugating verbs quickly and correctly during conversation a challenge. Many other French verb apps focused on learning by rote or included long lists of verbs, whereas I wanted something that would test me on the most common verbs in a more natural, random way. I am an app developer (Wave Digital) so we built Les Verbes – an app that uses simple, short quizzes to help with my learning (and hopefully others too). We have just released it for iPhone. Before we do an Android version, we want to get feedback from users on what’s great and what can be improved.
Oh how I wish this existed when I was cramming for French exams! Just downloaded it, excited to brush up my skills.
Great app. Very addictive. I'm learning what I don't know. Could be nice to have a context sentence with the answer and the option for French interface. Well done