Leoh for Chrome

Get new tabs with a minimalistic and stunning dashboard

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Looks great, though I'm glad they credited Momentum. Someone should make something like this that's URL-based, instead of an extension, so it could be lighter and used on any browser.
Thanks for the comment, @imakestrides. It was quite clear from the beginning that some of the design features derived from Momentum. I loved using Momentum but noticed quite a considerable lack of features or customizable options. I think a URL-based website would be quite tough as with chrome extensions you practically automatically have access to the geolocation, most visited sites, syncing capabilities. I would be quite interesting to see someones approach, though. Thanks for testing leoh!
Looking at eye dropping images from all over the world with every new tab, I couldn't help but hunt this product. It also gives quick access to notes, news, and my to-do list and has become easily my favorite new tab Chrome extension. Highly recommended.
Thanks @Steven_Rushing for posting. Leoh started off as an experiment to see if I could product a product that not only was useful, but was also minimalistic, and took the breath away from a first time user. Because of this, I took an awful lot of care into producing the product and I'm updating it very frequently to improve and add new features that users suggest. I'd love to hear the feedback from Product Hunt users and I'm happy to answer any questions people may have.
"minimalistic... and much more!" seems a bit at odds, no?
@sixside The design is minimalistic and the overall user experience is minimalistic, but the featuers are what I was address when I mentioned "and much more".