Leo AI

Build & Launch a company with AI

Leo is our newest AI assistant from Kriya AI. It takes you through a five month journey of building a company from idea to the first customer. Read the full announcement here

Kriya Inc is built using remote work model by hiring remote workers engineers, data scientists, and designers that work on-demand. Read more about it here

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Hi ProductHunters, I am Ravi, founder of Kriya AI. We provide workforce as a service (WAAS) - where companies can hire vetted knowledge workers that work on-demand. Leo is our newest AI assistant, that takes you through a journey of the first five months of building a company with the help of on-demand teams. So let's say you have an idea - Leo instantly matches you with product advisers, engineers, marketers, researchers, and designers to take you through the MVP process. We help bring your idea into execution with the help of AI and business/product teams. There are two tracks where you get to choose - Business & Product. More details here: https://kriya.ai/leo/pricing Please check the announcement here and let us know your feedback: https://kriya.ai/blog/introducin...
This is amazing! kudos to Kriya team!
@jainargh thanks for being a supporter right from the start
I'm a little confused 🤷‍♀️ Does Kriya provide you with a team to build and launch your product? If so, do they stay with you past the 5 months? To continue to help with growth of the newly formed company. If you don't provide a team. Do you teach your students how to find team members, and criteria to look for in certain roles? What percentage of students complete the program? At what month do more students churn? Dope 🚬🚬
@dredurr yes you build a team along the way. We have seen many up and coming entrepreneurs using our product to hire remote knowledge workers. We made a new AI assistant that will take anyone through the first five-month journey of building a company. Please check kriya.ai/leo
Hi Ravi, Cool concept for the struggling lone entrepreneur. Question: If I have my idea and designs in place, am I able to self-select which services I want Leo to help me with?
@scott_valentine absolutely - we have two tracks: Business and Product. You can check out the tracks here: https://kriya.ai/leo/pricing
@raviformative ok. thanks. tho still confused - does this include the cost of building the thing or just hiring the people to help you?
@scott_valentine - it includes everything. We built our company in the same fashion and we saw 9 other startups building with similar budgets. Since our workforce is distributed across the world it brings down the cost and each milestone is focused towards testing and iteration.
How much does it cost? And what are the credentials of Kriya AI that make it a good fit to help you launch a company?
@bentossell great question. Over the past few months, we have over 9-10 entrepreneurs who've built and launched their products through our WAAS. On the other hand, bigger companies like Citrix, Wyre, and Kayak used our talent network to build products. We've made 600 connections, finished 110 milestones, and for a total of 50 companies. It's all verified with due diligence here: https://www.seedinvest.com/kriya... We've achieved this with some funding and a team of two. We met our AI expert, Dan, ex-team lead at Upwork through our network, after working on 10 milestones. We are our own proof of Leo. Please check out our FAQs for pricing etc: https://kriya.ai/leo/pricing