The Slack bot to keep your team happy :)

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Hey Product Hunters! Thanks for checking out Leo, the Slack app to help keep your team happy built by Officevibe :) The Officevibe team traveled to Barcelona for 10 days to build an epic Slack integration, we documented our entire journey here https://www.officevibe.com/blog/... Feel free to ask any questions or give us feedback. Thanks!
@jacobshriar, this looks really good, I think it has a good fit for one of my teams, so I signed up to give it a whirl. How many employees must I invite before I can view beyond the Preview screens in the backend?
@rustynash Once the first person you invite completes their first survey, the dashboard should be unlocked. Thanks!
This is great.. I love slack and i see many companies moving from email and internal systems to slack bots.
@rodrigoreis22 It's crazy to watch Slack's growth! You're right that more and more people seem to be switching to Slack only. Thanks for commenting :)
I love using Slack in the office and the concept of using Leo would work amazing for feedback from the team.
Interesting bot. How often do they get asked about this? Can you customized it? I could be a way for internal voting.
@sara_sgm Great questions! The bot asks questions once a week, and currently you're unable to customize it although that's something we definitely want to do. Internal voting is a great idea and also something we want to do in the near future. For team leaders to be able to ask questions and get some type of crowd voting through Slack is an obvious next step for us. Thanks!