The first wearable that actually reads your muscles

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cc'ing founder @kevcancian who's open for AMA - Kev why/how did this start? what's the ultimate vision for it?
It was actually invented out of necessity by our CEO Len MacEachern and CPO Mark Klibanov. They wanted a better way to understand how their bodies worked while exercising. They quickly realized anything with the capabilities they were looking for was only available at a clinical level (and for a hefty sum of money). So they put their heads together and created LEO. The ultimate vision is really to help people understand their bodies better and allow them to reach their goals sooner because of this. With our tech, we're able to read and understand your muscle activity, heart rate, hydration, lactic acid, and even help prevent injuries. If you like the campaign, please back us and share the campaign with your friends :)
This looks interesting. Have you seen Athos and what they're up to?
@danielbru Yes of course! We're targeting runners and cyclist for our product though. We want to provide the best and most actionable data possible to these two market verticals.