An optical payment solution where QR codes are in.

Imagine when you open a web store, instead of entering your card information, you just scan a QR code with your phone to pay. Imagine receiving a printed invoice in the mail with a QR code that you just have to scan to pay. Imagine going to the store and never taking out your wallet, just scan the QR code from the merchant's phone to pay. This is LensPay. Simply put, LensPay allows merchants to generate QR codes that contain payment requests. These QR codes can be generated via a mobile app for physical purchases, with our API for integration in apps and web shops, or via our site for downloading and sending via email or even printing on invoices. Any shopper can download the app on their phone, add their card information (which is stored encrypted on the phone and nowhere else) and just scan any one of these QR codes to initiate a transaction. Our middleman, Stripe, processes the payment, and a notification is sent both to the shopper and the merchant. Never will you need to enter your card information on a shady site or on a sketchy POS terminal again. So what do you think, shall we make this optical payment solution a reality? -- The project is live, and is in very early testing, so feel free to try it out using test keys from your Stripe merchant account. Live processing will work too, but I do not guarantee anything until we move out from alpha!
.@jovanovski I really don't need to imagine this. I use QR codes to make and receive payments all the time with WeChat and Alipay apps on my iPhone. Here in China, your dream is my reality.
@frassmith This is very interesting indeed, but it's only for physical payments in-store. What about online shops, or even printed invoices sent via snail mail? As far as I can see, WeChat doesn't manage this, right?
@jovanovski You're correct, it's mainly in store. I really wish some of the online merchants would support QR codes, online payments are easy enough here, but setting them up is a pain. I have seen utility bills with QR codes printed on them, but, paying utilities is already embedded in WeChat so the code isn't so critical.
@frassmith yea, WeChat pay for the win. Still it's a good idea, however.
@nzieber Totally agree. Only a couple of weeks ago, I had to buy something from an online retailer that I'd never shopped with before. It took four attempts and a change of browsers to actually pay for my purchase with my bank debit card. I actually did think at the time, why can't they just give me a WeChat or Alipay QR code.
@jovanovski, everything you do is great, congrats on this app! I suggest that the qr codes you publish have deep linking immersed, so that a scan from any QR reader will prompt the download of your app, which will help you gain the customer side more easily and convince the merchants that the experience is seamless once they install the code. I've seen this at work functioning very well as a process with bill.com, in the realm of online bank transfers.
@kzograf That makes awesome sense! Great idea!
Really great product making payments super easy
I dont think I've ever used a QR code in all honesty... where are they the most popular?
@bentossell QR Codes didn't really catch on, since they transmit small bits of information, but shifting their use from sharing simple URL's to payments can change their popularity. ps. look at Snapchat's Snapcodes, it is a fancy QR code as well :)
@jovanovski haha I dont use them either...
@bentossell Yeah, that's why I want to bring them back via payments :) It let's you use your camera to pay, and never need to give your card info to any merchant again. Here are some crappy concept uses: http://prntscr.com/afix4a
Kash also does this but never seemed to catch on. I think the carrot approach taken by credit cards seems to have won in the US.