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Lensa is the best photo app for selfies. It automates editing process allowing you to make perfect pictures in a matter of seconds.

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Arthur Swiniarski
Rob Bye
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  • Rob Bye
    Rob ByeI build products and companies

    - Seems like a very functional product that does what it says


    - Portrays that AI/Retouching is needed to look attractive

    - Goes against the body confident movement

    It's sad to see that startups aren't helping push the body positive movement and helping people realise they don't need retouching or blemish removal to look great. Apps like this can only add to peoples insecurities showing them what fake perfection looks like. If Dove, CVS, ASOS and MAC are pushing this movement. Why isn't silicone valley?

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  • Nikolai Oreshkin
    Nikolai OreshkinElysium Venture Capital

    - Great results of processed selfies/portraits

    - Easy to use app, with "one button" solution

    - Comprehensive toolset as extra features


    Didn't find any

    That is a perfect one-click photo-editing tool for selfies and portraits. The app shoots and processes your selfies as it was made by a professional photographer but at the same time keeps your portraits to look natural. I love it because the app is easy to use and it doesn't require you to do any touch-ups, the processing works like magic.

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  • Pros: 

    Great app for one-touch editing, great on how to edit in a natural way.


    Lack of geotag and file type options (JPG or HEIC)

    really liked the app, simple and effective, does not degrade the quality and does not leave the photo looking very artificial, the controls in the free mode are reasonable, not needing much for who does not want to edit more productively.

    What I missed most was the absence of saving the geotagged photo, for me, this option is essential in my photos, since I use a lot of the location of the photos to create personalized albums of places I visit and share with friends, without this option or just the Lensa app already take the photo with the location in the EXIF of the photo, I have to edit and add manually by another application.

    I sent an email with this suggestion so that in the next versions of Lensa, there is how to take photos and the location is already activated, so the app would become the best at that point.

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  • Joel Garibay
    Joel GaribayCEO, Garibay Marketing

    The implementation of AI to the world of photography will bring us closer every day to obtain better results with a non-professional camera.


    I did not find

    I see that for this year they intend to launch their app, for Android. I think you better know that the Android market is still growing faster than the iPhone. Excellent project

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  • Pros: 

    Easy to use, each function works automatically, awesome results of skin correction


    You could not improve your lips (like making them more precise/naturally colorful)

    Looking forward to upgrades

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  • David Ozmanyan
    David Ozmanyanneostroumen

    Simple and useful design with great UX


    Not found)

    Congrats to all PrismaAI team:)

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  • Pros: 



    Se cierra app

    Después de trabajar La foto se cierra

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