Financing students to learn software development

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We've been working ridiculously hard developing an underwriting model that allows us to finance greater than 95% of students attending the top coding bootcamps. By leveraging data and partnerships with the top schools we're now able to finance students predominately based on the outcomes the schools provide and less on the individual student's credit worthiness. Thanks for checking us out hunters!
@stvmcg nice idea! How are you planning on adding more schools/programs like Hack Reactor etc?
@bramk great question! Students are our most effective marketing channel. In many cases students recommend us to their schools admission directors and start the conversation for us. Since we started LendLayer we have relationships with over 50 schools in the U.S., U.K., South America, and Canada. The market is in its infancy still. Hackreactor is amazing! Shawn and everyone running the show there are changing education in a serious way. Their students are extremely active and reach out to us weekly. They actually just opened a new location in Oakland for under represented students! There will be tectonic changes in the coding bootcamp space this year. Watch this space! Thanks @bramk
@stvmcg great answer, good luck!
Great group to work with!
Thanks @mongeliliana Sabio.la (http://sabio.la) is an amazing school to work with!
@stvmcg I love this idea. When I attended a bootcamp back in 2013, there were very limited options. I'm excited to see you guys grow!
@bangner Thanks Joe. I attended a bootcamp myself and saw the disconnect as well. We are super excited to be fueling awesome bootcamps like Hackbright - the all women's bootcamp and Sabio.la- an under represented coding bootcamp in LA. Education is changing.
Hey Hunters, James the CTO of LendLayer here. Glad you're all getting behind the cause :) At the moment our stack is django / postgres on the server side for the most part. Our front end prototyping is done using knockout.js, which is super quick to get proof of concepts together as it just takes care of data-binding and is pretty un-opinionated when it comes to structuring your app. It's also what we use on many of our static content pages. Our app and dashboards are built in react, which has been way more fun to use than angular from my point of view!