Automated investing on Prosper/Lending Club

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    Lendingrobot is like Peer-to-Peer lending is the novel application of technology to one of the most ancient of professions: lending.


    by making the investing process simple

    LendingRobot Series was designed to easily add more origination platform

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these guys are LEGIT. Did you know that the best deals on sites such as Lending Club / Prosper often get snapped up in the first few seconds that they appear on the site? With LendingRobot, you'll never miss out - you specify parameters, then it automatically buys notes that match them. It also has algorythms to detect which notes will have the best rate of return. They yesterday (or so) also added a feature where LendingRobot can automate your selling of notes and transacting on secondary platforms. Overall, I wouldn't be investing on Lending Club if I wasn't able to use LendingRobot - it's that much of a gamechanger.
@_jacksmith Spot on! Competing with institutions who have Orchard or their own proprietary algorithms to get the order flow first will be difficult. If LendingRobot can be the consumer's interface to compete and get the orders they couldn't get otherwise (which it looks like they're able to do now), I agree on how huge it will be - trying it ASAP!
Yo. I've been using @lendingrobot for a few months now and it's awesome. I reinforce everything @_jacksmith said about them. We did a bit of an experiment between their optimized automatic P to P investing service and the self-managed method of a another dude in our office. Lending Robot obviously won. (You know, robots and all that.)
@markgustav Still working good for you Mark?
Added to my Investing collection: http://www.producthunt.com/anuja...
@anujadhiya Is your collection not available anymore?
@ani7ruddha Looks like the link is broken. You can find it via my profile though I haven't updated any collection for the longest time.
So meta. Reminds me of when people first started using esnipe on ebay auctions. Seems like this kind of automation is inevitable in any marketplace, for sure it gives first movers an advantage. At least until there is something faster. Someday robots will look back and laugh about how easily we were tricked into giving them control of our bank accounts.
Very cool. This automated P2P lending is already happening on the institutional side via http://www.orchardplatform.com/. Fascinating to see P2P lending blowing up.