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Hi, I'm Jason with Lenda. If you've ever been through the home loan process before and want to help us make it easier, faster, and less expensive, we'd love to hear from you. www.lenda.com
@vandentweet how does this compare with, say, Quicken Loans?
@eriktorenberg Quicken is built around the call-center model aka telemarketing. Apply for a loan there, your phone will ring constantly, your rate/fees will be higher, and it will take 30% longer to close. Our software gobbles up the inefficient processes. Thanks!
Love this team and the technology they are working on!
This looks really great. I've recently started looking into buying a home and the traditional process is fairly intimidating. Lenda makes the process look like a breeze.
@tannerc Thanks, our goal is to have loans closed in 48 hours! Stay tuned!
Just to better the UX, I'd mention that it's only for CA right now, upfront. Otherwise someone (like me) would go through the process and then find out = bad UX. Just my .02 :)
@FelixReznik Thanks, Felix. Appreciate the feedback!