Stay on top of your depression

Lemoon supports you during your antidepressant treatment and afterward. Track your mood and see how it progresses with insightful stats. Create reminders for your different medication and track possible side-effects.
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Hi, first of all, thanks for visiting my post.🥰 I'm Laurids Kern the sole developer of this app and it was my first ever coding project. I always wanted to be able to not just design but also implement my ideas so I searched for a project I could relate to and wasn't going to be too hard to do. I dived straight into react native and with the help of expo, the awesome open source community and my coder friends, I managed to create this app in just a few months. Why I'm posting on product hunt? Even if my app is very basic, I wanted to get my work out there and maybe someone can make use of it. Also maybe someone who is reading this also struggles with mental health problems and in that case I want to say that going out of my comfort zone and creating something I'm proud of really helped me improve my wellbeing. Feedback is very welcomed!
Cool product, but a bit off putting opening your landing page and read DIARRHEA.
Awesome. Be sure to announce when Android is available!
Wow @laurids. For a first timer, you did a great job! Your UI is delightful.
@vjekoskarica Thank you Vjeko!!
Well executed font pairing, im a fan!