Video calls with customers made easy

👉Your clients contact you directly from your website
👩🏻‍💻Talk and share by using video call & chat messaging
📌 Report and keep track thanks to the integrated CRM system
Use cases :
✅convert your leads into sales
✅organize your clients meetings remotely
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Hi there 👋 ! I'm Hanna and with my cofounder François, we are very excited to launch LemonTalk, a video call solution that allows you to talk to your customers, directly from your website. With LemonTalk : ❌ there's no need to mix several tools to organize a remote client meeting LemonTalk is an easy-to-use all-in-one solution (no download or plugins required, video call, chat, receiving & sending attachments, remote screen sharing, appointment booking system, note-taking solution, internal tracking and CRM system). 💡meet the need for an authentic and customized client relationship Continue to meet and talk to your customers. You won't lose time by doing so, on the contrary. They'll make you save time by telling you what they need and how they need it. So keep communicating. Convert your leads into sales, by understanding them and delivering. Offer an outstanding customer experience. Here you can find the demo of our product : - Part 1 | the customer journey : https://youtu.be/f-Z3mWK2I_k - Part 2 | the freelance, sale or CSM interface : https://youtu.be/Sp4d7LfdnWg - Part 3 | the administrator interface : https://youtu.be/Z5hMe61Evgw Please, test and love ✊: https://lemontalk.fr/?lang=en ✅ Choose LemonStart | no credit card needed ✅ Create and name your discussion space | 2 seconds ✅ Create a CTA button on your site and integrate the URL | 5 seconds ✅ Congratulations, you rock 🎉 Besides... It would be fun that « Lemon me 🤙 » enters the everyday language ! I hope you'll like the idea. I will be happy to reply to your questions, suggestions and improvements or your feedback (below or at hanna@lemontalk.fr).
Hi @lemontalk @hanna_beer_fontaine I really loved the idea and it definitely fills a huge gap that exist in this industry! Really looking forward to it's application, branding is dope! Also, would love to feature it on my Instagram handle and would love to have on my Business Podcast as guest which will expose it to Indian masses! Looking forward to your reply! Please drop in your email address if interested! Thanks
@lemontalk @porush_puri Hello ! Thanks a lot for your enthusiasm - I'm thrilled and so flattered. It would be a terrific experience, so of course we're in ! Tell me more at hanna@lemontalk.fr
Hey @hanna_beer_fontaine, seems like a great product!
@hanna_beer_fontaine @rebecca_ferrao Thanks for the kind words Rebecca 👍 Don't hesitate to try the product and give us some feedback :)
Congrats on the launch guys ! Seems like a nice tool, the fact to gather a lot of fonctionnality in one tool is well thought 👍
Thanks for your comment ! I hope you'll fall in love when trying it 😉
Waouhh. I like it ! Good luck to the team. Congratulations for the free version. Everybody can try your product. I'm going to try it now
Don't hesitate to give us some feedback and welcome to the "Lemon Me" squad !