Lemonaid Health

Full stack online doctors office and mail order pharmacy

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It seems really blatant/crazy to me to have this website that effectively has patients diagnose themselves and ask for a prescription for specific treatment. OTOH, I love the efficiency of it - Lemonaid has advertised that they can get patients prescriptions faster than they can be seen in an ER.
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@maiab That was my concern as well
@maiab Now that I've used nearly all of the consumer-driven versions of quick-visit medical care (in-person "quick" clinics, email-based visits to regular provider, phone visits, survey-based, video, etc.), I am not worried about dangerous misdiagnosis. All of these services flag and refuse to treat patients with complex medical histories or symptoms that aren't "textbook." And the treatments offered are conservative first-line treatments. (Patients who lie about their pre-existing conditions or symptoms....yeah, don't do that.)
Great idea - can you let me know when you expand to Utah??
@donnamkennett and NC. Can't wait to see this expand in both locations and services.
Love this idea.. I am not a big fan of self diagnosis for serious issues but considering a) how many times I decide to not take medication / let it self heal because of the absolute annoyance of going to the doctor and b) how I often feel the 2 min visit from a rushed doctor has no clue what's going on with me anyways. Looking forward to using it (also hoping not)
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