Anonymous Slack group for women

Lemonaid is a women-led personal development community. Peer support from 900 women to be your strongest self.
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Hi all! I created Lemonaid 5 years ago to create a space for women to share the sweet and sour parts of life. I wanted to relaunch it today during this crazy time we're living in, to provide a space for women to come together and support each other. Sending so much love 💖 Nicole
Fantastic initiative! Looking forward to using this to meet other women!
@kavita_hundal Thanks Kavita! Looking forward to seeing you on there :)
this is awesome! i met some lemonaid members on a virtual zoom call meditation recently and 2 of them met each other for the first time after being anonymous friends on the slack for years—it was really fun to see! sharing with my friends rn, thanks nicole!
@mattgcondon You witnessed some straight up magic! I was so excited to meet one of my power users after 4 years of anonymous friendship haha
The world needs community right now. Thanks @nicolekelner for taking the initiative and putting in the effort to spearhead a community :)
Love this! Looking forward to using this :)