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Hello Product Hunt! I'm the founder of Lemon. I started Lemon because I wanted to teach (Lemon comes from "Learn Money") and because I was tired of other PFMs peddling products and services that weren't a fit for me. You'll never see an advertiser disclosure on Lemon because we don't earn commissions on products. Let us know what you think of the app and your feed.
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Here's the long-winded version of why I started Lemon: https://medium.com/@thelemonapp/...
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For those of you interested in Android, sign up for the email list here: https://lemon.co/blog (right rail on desktop, bottom of the page on mobile)
There's been a ton of underwhelming products in this space and as someone who worked in consumer finance I'm generally not that big of a fan of most PFMs. Lemon's the first one that's really impressed me and I'm excited to see how the develops it further.
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Lovely Name
What makes Lemon unique or better than the current products in the market, besides the lack of paid referrals? I'm a long time Quicken user, would love to switch to something else.
@billhendricksjr Hey Bill. Great question. The lack of paid lead generation is indeed a big difference. It allows us to focus on building a great product and generating *unbiased* insights / advice / suggestions without worrying about trying to convince you to click on a product referral. It also allows us to produce content (and target it to you based on your profile and spending) in the same way. For example, we spent three months determining the best online checking account https://lemon.co/l/boca ... we can't do that if the highest bidder is influencing our content. Much of what we're working on is forward looking. Summaries of last week and daily wrap ups are great (we have one), but we're also focusing on what tomorrow, next week, and next year look like for you. And it's all delivered in a style we're all used to consuming-- a reverse chron feed.
This looks really good. I can't wait for the android/web version.
Is there an email list we can sign up for to get a notification about the release of the android version?
@maggiewhite Hi Maggie. Yes, there's a signup form on this page: https://lemon.co/blog Android coming in the early fall.
@ejameswill Hi Erwin, Do check out Subscribly for Android, https://www.producthunt.com/tech...