Show your love for cats in your home with a life-size cat sculpture.

Ideal for cat lovers and toy builders, these cat sculptures draw inspiration from LEGO. Since the patent of LEGO expired decades ago, lots of building blocks products appeared in the market. But most of them are closely following the steps of LEGO and there is hardly any innovation.

The collection features 15 unique cat sculptures of different breeds and colors including Siamese, Tonkinese, Persian and Tabby cats.

Made from plastic bricks, JEKCA uses their own bricks for each sculpture, which features an innovative locking system. Additionally, the bricks lock together using screws, offering a firm hold. Likewise, the sculpture won’t break apart easily.

Assembling a cat sculpture is easy and quite straightforward. Just set some time aside so you can follow the detailed step-by-step manual that comes with the package. Celebrate your feline friend by getting its sculpture or confuse it with a LEGO lookalike.

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…and the cat just knocked it over.
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This is awesome! Great job
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Very tempted to buy this little guy:
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@2x @rrhoover drop me an email on for a special discount 😺
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