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Hey Product Hunt! Legit is all about discovering, discussing, and sharing the movies and TV shows you love with your friends. We built Legit because we wanted to capture the magic that happens when you talk to your friends about a movie you just watched or that epic battle scene in Game of Thrones. We wanted to bring the conversations where you discover that next awesome TV show - the “oh, you should totally watch Justified” - online and all in one place. All of the features are geared toward exploring content and interacting with your friends’ opinions about that content. You’ll find new movies because someone added it to their watchlist. You’ll go see Mad Max: Fury Road in theaters because you see that several of your friends marked it “Loved” and that’s a really strong statement. You’ll see that True Detective is trending amongst your friends because it’s the #1 ranked thing on your Watchlist. And tomorrow that #1 rank might be something totally different. Finally, you’ll discover which friends have the most similar tastes in movies and TV shows through a compatibility score and a comparison of what you agree or disagree on. We’re really excited to hear your feedback on what we’ve built. Give it a try with a friend and let us know what you think!
Great idea -- it would be really useful if I could type in a movie and you could tell if I can get it currently on HBO, Showtime, Netflix, Hulu, Redbox, etc.
@dbdriscoll Thanks for the feedback. You can actually do this now (although we don't have every source yet, we will be adding more as fast as we can). If you search for a movie (or encounter it anywhere in Legit) you can click through to the movie/tv show detail page. At the top of that page is a "Watch Now >" button, clicking that will give you a path to watch it via any services where it is available.
Great work @andrewbusey! The app feels really nice. One note is that I got stuck on the initial screen...it wasn't clear that the bottom icons were voting choices and not navigation...I ended up unintentionally adding movies to those watchlists. I finally figured out that clicking on the movie took me deeper into the app. It would be nice if that action was a little clearer. Keep up the good work!
@tmyknze Thanks for checking it out. We are working on some adjustments to make the first time user experience easier, so I'll make sure we take a look at how we can address that.
Love it. I like Dan's idea :)
@mada299 Thanks - we are definitely gong to be added new video sources quickly.