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Hi Product hunters! Legion Analytics provides leads for your sales team based on who you are already selling to. It trains a model based on past customer data to find high quality leads, and then continues to improve as it learns from new customer data as it is used. The more sales reps interact with Legion, the better the leads get. We have launched Legion Analytics this week as our half-way point of going through the Y Combinator Fellowship and are offering 10% off for Product Hunters today only! I look forward to any questions you great people may have!
Jamasen and team are building something very unique and much needed with this product. Other lead gen tools cost thousands of dollars, there are few options for smaller startups outside of manually gathering leads one by one. Legion automates this lead generation process and easily integrates with your CRM/sales tools. Deffinitely worth checking out!
Thanks for the comment @torbahax. Automating the lead gen process to make it as simple as possible is the goal here. Wake up to leads in your inbox. That simple. View the dashboard to see what you have in common with your prospects, what they're tweeting about, and nurture those leads!
I love the direct integration with @PersistIQ. Legion Analytics does a fantastic job of finding quality leads and then with one click, the leads are put into an outbound campaign in PersistIQ. It's one of the most seamless ways we've seen of going from lead generation directly to outbound communication. Well done Jamasen and team!
Congratulations on your fellowship and I am looking forward to testing this out. I work with multiple companies that this would address a serious pain point for, keep up the great work!
@vbarnett323 Thanks so much! Let us know if you have any questions :)