Host free and paid Apex Legends tournaments 🎮

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Legend.gg is a newly launched platform for hosting and joining Apex Legends tournaments.

Currently we are hosting our own tournaments which are either free or paid to join, very soon, players, streamers or organizations will be able to host their own contests.

  • MR Swatson
    MR SwatsonYo yo yo

    Looks really great, love the UX


    Need to try it out first

    Will try it out and come back with feedback

    MR Swatson has never used this product.
  • William Westerlund
    William Westerlundcsgo playeer

    Clean and simple platform and i love playing tournaments with my friends


    I havent tried yet but definately will!

    Lets be Legend ;)

    William Westerlund has never used this product.
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Tyrel Johnson
Tyrel Johnson@tyreljohnson · Entrepreneur
Going to give this a try! Looks really cool :)
Edwin Flataunet
Edwin FlataunetMaker@legendgg · Serial Entrepreneur
@tyreljohnson Thank you, hope to see you in the battle arena! Let me know if there is anything we can improve on.
Edwin Flataunet
Edwin FlataunetMaker@legendgg · Serial Entrepreneur
We just launched Squad, which is our system for handling teams and team tournaments, check it out! https://legend.gg/squads/
Harald B
Harald B@hbergqvist · Developer
This product will be amazing once custom servers are available, however right now it promotes a playstyle that is really negative for the community. The format right now, if I have not misunderstood, is 1v1s, queuing up together and trying to out-frag your teammate. Since this is in public games, you'll also be paired with a third teammate oblivious to the competition going on, who will play the game with two teammates which will be baiting each other and kill-chasing the entire game. Of course this already happens in public games, and you could argue that the service is not big enough to make an impact on the playstyles of pugs, and that is probably also true. But other then that the website is amazing. The UI looks really good, the colors are amazing and it's a joy browsing around the site. With the right community built up around it, this could easily become a big tournament platform when Respawn releases custom servers.
Edwin Flataunet
Edwin FlataunetMaker@legendgg · Serial Entrepreneur
@hbergqvist Hey Harald, thank you for your comment! We are trying to find other solutions or methods of handling the matchmaking in our 1v1 tournaments, we are aware that games can be unfair, but I also think this is the most viable way to handle it (2 Duo, 1 Random) because sometimes you can have people who DC/Crash, or just people who aren't playing very seriously. Hopefully Respawn will release a nice Custom Server system and(or) an well functional API, because if they release a functional API then we can allow people to solo queue or play with their friends in a full squad! As for the comment about the website and the UI, thank you, this makes me very happy to read and I also hope that our platform will become the platform to use when you are looking for or want to host tournaments. Best regards, Edwin, Founder & CTO
Edwin Flataunet
Edwin FlataunetMaker@legendgg · Serial Entrepreneur
Is anyone else here playing Apex Legends?
MR Swatson
MR Swatson@mr_swatson · Yo yo yo
Wow looks great, I will join the free tournament!