Legend for Messenger

Send awesome text animations to your Messenger friends!

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Legend for Messenger is a free app (iOS for now) to dress text in beautiful animated GIF. We built Legend - the paid, sister app to this hunt - with creativity in mind, to raise the bar of how we express ourselves visually with text. The response from creative people has been amazing, but something different also came about - people using Legend to communicate. Having text message conversations in animated GIF, taking over Slack channels. So when Messenger touted an upcoming Platform we had our use case. Legend for Messenger introduced a streamlined creation flow (one less screen), conversation-oriented motion art, and narrowed down on GIF creation. Which turned out to be a challenge - to make Legend for Messenger we had to improve GIF encoding in FFmpeg. Legend for Messenger launched with the Messenger Platform at F8, we had the treat of watching David Marcus demo it on stage in a mock convo with Mark Zuckerberg. It's iOS only, for now, with Android in the works. We'd love to hear what you think! Pic or didn't happen of course ;)
I love this app! Great job to you and the team. Question : Are you guys planning to add some more designs and styles moving forward?
@nicoprincen Thank you! Yes we plan on adding more animation styles, stay tuned!