Test & freeze your sperm without leaving your house

With our in-home kit and one-day shipping, you can test, improve, and freeze your sperm without leaving your house. Legacy, a Harvard-incubated company, makes inconvenient meetings with physicians a thing of the past.
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I first heard of Legacy at TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin last year and was very fascinated about their approach to male fertility particularly with a lot of focus on education and targeting partners. Have you had to alter this approach @khaledkteily ?
@lanre_akinyemi Great question - one of the ways we're speeding this up is by partnering with female fertility companies since couples are increasingly facing challenges having children, and male fertility challenges can be half the equation.
@khaledkteily Gotcha, that seems like the natural next step. I vaguely remember seeing somewhere that while in a good portion of fertility cases, the issue is with the male partner but the female partner often gets the blame 🤔
@lanre_akinyemi Yes! 30-50% of infertility is caused by the man. Men just aren't as comfortable talking about it!
Khaled, how is the sperm preserved while in transit? Also, what is the expected survival rate and how does it compare to producing the sample in the clinic?
@fluffypony Hey Max - we use a buffering medium that is a preservative for sperm. You'll lose some motility along the way. Our clinic pioneered the buffering medium and they typically expect 5-10% loss for good samples. If you're using it in the future for IVF (which most people do), it doesn't make a significant difference since you only need 1 good sperm, and you'll typically have millions.