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Thomas Rep — CEO
Hey all,

I am Thomas, one Lefty co-founders. We built Lefty to help businesses discover and use Instagram photos.

Marketers and publishers need an unprecedented amount of content to engage with their audience. User-generated content, especially Instagram, is an amazing source of photos that has been difficult to discover and make use of so far. Lefty tries to ease the discovery of stunning Instagram photos and their digital rights management.

Lefty is:

1. A one of-a-kind search engine on public Instagram content
- Multi tag search
- Fancy filters (geo, categories, colors, time)
- Relevancy, recency and popularity ranking

2. A platform to manage the rights of digital user-generated photos
- Once you want to use a photo, ask owner's permission to use the photo and name a price reward
- The photo owner will either choose to take their price reward or donate it to UNICEF

Looking forward to hearing your feedback!

Gokhan Celiker — Founder, WeSnap
Congrats! @lefty_thomas Lefty looks and works amazing.
Great product ! Just tried the search engine and it worked really well :)
Thomas Rep — CEO
@jordanbzz glad you enjoyed it!
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