Left or Right?

You need to keep calm and focus.

Simply follow the words, rather than the arrows shown on the screen, and see how responsive you can be.

You need to keep calm and focus.

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Chris Jarvis@jarvdesign · Creative Technologist, ASOS
nice 👍 Is the global score tracking live scores or is it the highest score? Because it keeps changing up and down (124 pow!)
Giovanni PuntilMaker@giovannipuntil · Coder / 🤖 Not a robot
@jarvdesign yes he didn't work very well. I had to take it down for now
Niv DrorHiring@nivo0o0 · VC at Shrug Capital
Marcelo F. de Sousa@immarcelo · Front-end developer
132 at first try, haha, and i'm the worst for any kind of game. just try to be "blind" to the arrows and focus on text
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Ha! This is infuriating but I can't stop playing...
Alessio Zanotto@zac_46 · Product Marketer and Startup Lover
@rrhoover 156 at the second trial! But 311 is almost impossible for me to beat.. I should go x2 faster!!
Ramamoorthy@1024gbofram · Developer @ MaxCart
I am sorry! just thought of simple hack.. and reached 1M+ for(i=0;i<=1000000;i++){ setTimeout(function(){ var disp = $("#rightText").css("display"); if (disp=='block'){var e = $.Event("keydown", { keyCode: 39});} else{var e = $.Event("keydown", { keyCode: 37});} $("body").trigger(e); }, 1); } load jquery before .. I think its ~60 when I tried it manually first time ! can even reach trillions even more simply ! .. To Dev: I am really sorry!..
Giovanni PuntilMaker@giovannipuntil · Coder / 🤖 Not a robot
@1024gbofram no one likes cheating 😊 you will feel so much better when you make a real high score!
david grossblatt@dmgrossblatt · Coach @foundersdojo
@giovannipuntil @1024gbofram don't like it, but respect it. Nice work
Ramamoorthy@1024gbofram · Developer @ MaxCart
@giovannipuntil Just for fun ! not harming anything .. sorry if you are hurt :(
Giovanni PuntilMaker@giovannipuntil · Coder / 🤖 Not a robot
@1024gbofram lol don't worry! no hurting here :) just keep playing if it makes you happy