Manage team leave with Slack.

LeeveBot gives you convenient team leave management through Slack. No more messy spreadsheets or lost email chains and it takes just 5 minutes setup. LeeveBot will make managing your team leave easier than ever before.

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UPDATE! We are now out of beta and are a paid service! It's been 12 weeks since we launched the beta of LeeveBot and we're blown away by the community response we've had. We've been working hard to ensure LeeveBot is solid, reliable and easy-to-use. Our wonderful beta testers have provided us with invaluable feedback. Thank you! Our development roadmap is jam-packed with exciting new features. Here's some of the things you have to look forward to in the coming months: Leave category management, including sick leave recording. Custom public holiday management. Add single and multi-channel guests to your LeeveBot team. Set unlimited leave allowance for team members. Enhanced request submission with the new Slack dialog feature. Right now we're ready to officially launch and become a paid service. Our pricing structure is simple; we charge £1, per user, per month (that's about $1.34USD), regardless of team size. As your team increases or decreases in size, your subscription will adapt too. Again, thank you so much for checking out LeeveBot. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch!
Cool idea that looks to be well-executed!
smashing work chaps!
@orangetronic Thank you! 🙌
Nice work guys. This looks great!
@mattantwest Thank you, Matt!
Thanks @kylebragger for hunting LeeveBot! I'm one of the makers of the product along with @ryanhavoc, if anyone has any questions about Leeve please share them with us here :)