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It's a famous site ! It wasn't on PH yet ? :o
@piaarre Not yet :) I just discover it and I like it so much, so I've decided to push it :)
In France, it's a must tool to collect money for a Birthday present for exemple. Everybody are using this service: It's so quick and very easy.
Leetchi is a a social-payments platform that allows you to collect money online and make group purchases. Imagine you need to collect money for a Birthday present for a colleague and you have 5 offices around the world :) Now it's possible.
Hey guys, Jérémy here for leetchi.com - feel free to ask me if you have any questions :)
@zaccherinij Do you have to "approve" the project or anyone can just signup and start?
@bogomep @zaccherinij We don't review our pools as everyone is allowed to create one for a birthday present, a farewell party and so on. We recently launched the "public pools". The aim of the public pools is to let our users starts and support pools in order to raise money for causes, solidarity, humanitarian aid as well as personal projects. Leetchi is now considered as one of the easiest and fastest way to raise money. The best example is during the tragic events that France faced last january during the terrorist attack of Charlie Hebdo. People naturally started to raise funds on leetchi.com to support victim's families.
@zaccherinij Great concept! Is this US only?
@stefgonzaga Hi Stef, Leetchi is a worldwide service. It means that anyone with a Visa or a Mastercard can participates in a pool :)
@zaccherinij when I lived in Hawaii households would save up all year long and give to one family member each year. It was fascinating.
@zaccherinij Very cool to see something like this coming out of Europe. In the US we have Tilt for group payments, but they just launched in the UK. Is Leetchi concerned about Tilt entering the European market?